Selene Shah

Talent, Learning & Culture

A geek by nature, Selene started her career in tech as a front-end web developer at immedia. While the small team grew to embrace mobile app dev, she channelled her passion for problem-solving into building the business, and is now a member of the executive committee at the immedia ecosystem.

 In her current role as immedia’s Talent, Learning & Culture Lead, Selene is the custodian around the thinking that informs how we treat our people, grow our people and share what our people do. Selene works as a change agent with the entire team across business and technical to make sure that we are constantly creating for tomorrow.

Over the span of her decade-long career at the post-PC tech company headquartered in Durban, Selene has not only helped to create a culture of continuous teaching/learning within the team, but has also brought to life immedia’s skilling and outreach programmes for the community such as the Summer School work exposure programme and the Head Start internship.