Digitise Radio


Build highly engaged, loyal, niche digital audiences alongside your traditional terrestrial analog, passive audience. 

The Digital Challenge for Broadcasters

  • Lack of digital audience ownership due to fragmentation across social media platforms
  • Fragmented audience engagement channels
  • Costs & complexity of digital supply-chain, infrastructure & development
  • Limited digital revenue & control
  • No consolidated intelligence around digital audience, trends & insights
  • Inefficient operational workflows
  • High cost of innovation & digital strategy

The Fabrik value stack for Radio




Broadcast I.T. Compliance



Mobile app
  • Streaming & Song Info

  • Pre-Rolls & Multiple Streams

  • On-demand Podcasts

  • Messaging to Studio – voice notes, video, etc.

  • Multiple, customised messaging channels

  • Service Directory

  • Integration with your site, social media content

an o.t.t suite

of digital tools

  • Unified Messaging Dashboard

  • Social Media Integration

  • Receive App Messages

  • Send Messages to individuals or groups

  • Audience Profiling

  • Voice-Note Playout

  • Campaign Management

  • Real-Time Podcasting

  • Live Streaming

  • Web Widgets

  • Rich Metadata Tagging

  • Content Management

  • Audio Cloud Archival

Audio Backup

  • Mitigates risk with Cloud archive and audit trail.

  • Enhances compliance and regulatory needs.

  • Ensures transparency and accountability across departments (sales, legal, programming). 

  • Featured Content

  • Rich Data Analytics

  • Real-Time Overviews

  • App Sessions

  • Streams & Podcasts

  • Listener Location

  • Device/OS Profiling

  • Campaign Reporting

  • Engagement Metrics

  • Trends & Insights

  • Downloads/Registration

Revenue Generation Possibilities
  • Featured Content

  • Smart App Billboards

  • Audio Pre-Rolls

  • On-Air Campaign Integration

  • Sponsored Message Channels

  • Direct Alerts

  • Directory Listings

  • Dialboard

  • Competitions

The Engagement Dividend

  • TRUST, INTIMACY, IDENTITY, DATA & INSIGHTS grow deeper the more we move the audience from ON AIR to APP.

  • The FM BROADCAST and APP bookend the real-time feedback loops that create a highly engaged and loyal audience.

  • The mobile app audience is your most loyal, highest engaged, most rapidly choreographed listener.

Image by Will Francis

Take the Digital Leap.

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