Feature Development

As a Software-as-a-Service product, Fabrik and its variety of applications are in constant iteration by our development teams. 

Innovation is a crucial part of our development framework to automate your business operations, enhance your member's experience and create new, innovative revenue opportunities.


Release log

Last-read indicator within your app!

Your app now indicates the last message that was read in a conversation or channel, making it easier for your app members to navigate through unread messages.


Delete Processing files and Errors from Echocast

Echocast now allows you to directly remove any errors or files stuck in processing for after 7 days


Edit and Delete Scheduled Messages on Smashboard

Smashboard now offers you the ability to edit the text or date and time of a scheduled message or delete the message entirely.


Receive Email Notifications for new Smashboard Messages

Use the new Smashboard Notifications Manager which when enabled will send your email address a notification update of new messages received according to a specified interval.


Community Centre Is Now Live

Use Community Centre to view real-time engagement, administer your app membership & configure your messaging settings.

Member Management

Watch Live & On-Demand Video

Add a Videos tab to your app through which your members can log in and view your live-streamed and on-demand video content.


Send And Play Gifs

Send and play GIFs within conversations and channels.


React To A Message

Long-press a message within a conversation or channel to add your emoji reaction to that message.


Quote A Multimedia File In Your Reply

Long-press an image, video or file within a message to quote that multimedia in your reply to that message.


Improved Billboard Experience

Billboards will now dynamically scale to fit all device sizes. Scrolling between multiple billboards will be smoother. A member can now dismiss a billboard by tapping the X in the top-right of the screen.


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