Feature Development

As a Software-as-a-Service product, Fabrik and its variety of applications are in constant iteration by our development teams. 

Innovation is a crucial part of our development framework to automate your business operations, enhance your member's experience and create new, innovative revenue opportunities.


Release log

Content Moderation Features

We've added some new features which help you better protect your audience from objectionable content.

You're now able to block other members should you not wish to see their content anymore. You also have the option of flagging content (messages, images, videos, etc) for review by the administrators.

You can read more about this functionality in our feature blog.




Improved Error Messages

The way errors are described within your app has been improved and are now more descriptive and meaningful.


Featured images on web-based podcasts

Podcasts added to your website may now display an optional featured image.


Improved Push Notifications Delivery

Push notifications are now delivered to your app more quickly, as a result of changes to the way our apps interact with external infrastructure services.


Rewind receives an update

The podcasts on your Rewind screen and Now Playing bar have a more modern look and feel!


Smashboard speed and reliability improvements

Your Smashboard application now loads more quickly and are more responsive when navigating through different sections.


Improved live-streaming stability

Live-streaming on your app or website is now much smoother when network conditions are unexpectedly interrupted.


App FAQs are now available

A range of handy, app-related Frequently Asked Questions are now available via your app's Settings section.


Support for Huawei's push notification services

If your app is on Huawei's App Gallery, those members are now able to receive push notifications.


Improved design for podcast sharing

Podcasts shared to different platforms via your app or website now display more meaningful information.


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