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How YFM got 1 million entries in two weeks
How YFM got 1 million entries in two weeks


Jonathan Lumley, Hilton Tarrant

And what the station did differently during lockdown to cater to its youth market.

Since March, radio programming in South Africa has been dominated by all things Covid. From daily statistics and government’s ongoing response, to features on how to integrate precautionary measures into our everyday lives, broadcasting platforms pivoted rapidly to offering their listeners relevant information, leading to solid growth in audience figures.

YFM’s approach, however, was surprisingly different. Fully in tune with what their audience wants, the youth radio station went all in on their 100Racks promotion - with staggering and insightful results.

Join us live with Hilton Tarrant, YFM’s Head of Digital, to hear about how an insights-based, laser-focused strategy around reaching your most engaged audience segment can lead to increased campaign entries, growth in overall online audience, and lead to an even more attractive proposition for future advertisers.

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