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Testing Android App Builds

To test a beta or draft version of your Android app, you will need:

  • An Android smartphone running Android version 4.3 or later;

  • An internet connection.

Installing the test app

  1. Our team will send you a link to the app.

  2. On your Android phone, access the link. Your browser window will open up.

  3. Download the latest version by tapping the 'Download' button.

  4. Your browser will ask you to confirm that you want to download a file that ends in .apk; tap the 'Download' button again.

  5. The device may take a few moments to download the apk file into your Downloads folder. Once the file is available on your device, the browser will prompt you to 'Install'.

  6. Because you are "sideloading" an app from a link and not the official app stores, your device may present you with security warnings. Please dismiss these warnings and proceed.

  7. Once you tap 'Install', the device may take a few more moments to install the file onto your device.

  8. Tap 'Open'.