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Echocast Gets Some Love

Among the first parts of Fabrik to be shipped more than 10 years ago, Echocast was created to address a few key challenges in the Radio industry that unfortunately persist even today:

  • the inability of the on-air team to capture on-air moments live;

  • the inability to create and publish podcasts in real time without having to rely on workflows that were too time-consuming or technical;

  • and the lack of quick and easy access to the broadcast programme archive to retrieve pieces of audio for advertisers or compliance.

Echocast has since evolved to the point where it has become a vital content management, archival and compliance tool used extensively across our base of media customers.

Radio Programming teams use it to capture snippets of audio that they'd like to make available for listening beyond the live moment, as well as to record and store useful content they may need to access later.

Content and Production teams use it for publishing and managing on-demand content (either live or immediately after the moment) to the website, mobile app and social media channels.

Promotions and Marketing teams use it to publish featured audio content as part of station promotions and campaigns.

Technical teams use it for compliance and audit purposes by downloading any audio from Fabrik's cloud archive.