Customise your Message Groups to Promote conversations that matter

One of the more challenging aspects of managing an online community is considering how to stimulate engagement, as well as creating ongoing opportunities for re-engagement.

Fabrik offers powerful real-time Messaging functionality to bring your audience closer through easy-to-configure message groups called Conversations and Channels.

What are Conversations and Channels?

Each message group type you create can be categorised as either a 'Conversation' or a 'Channel' which empower you with different ways to engage your members based on your specific needs.

An image depicting Fabrik's Messages functionality
A view of Conversation groups

What is the difference between a Conversation and a Channel?

Channels are read-only message groups in which only 'Trusted' individuals (members who you assign the 'Trusted' status, such as administrators or moderators) can post content.

Channels are especially useful for when you need to broadcasting information to a wide audience and don't require a response i.e. a Security channel in an emergency situation, or a dedicated Special Offers channel for adding value to your advertisers.

Conversations are interactive message groups where anyone who is a part of that conversation can post content.

A Conversation is a useful tool to have in your app when you're seeking active engagement or feedback from your audience, or would like to bring your community together around topics of interest.

How can I set up a conversation or a channel?

Log in to your Community Centre portal to administer your Conversations and Channels.

Adding, editing, and removing a message group as simple as tapping a few buttons, uploading your image and presto! You're now ready to connect with your audience more meaningfully.

An image depicting Community Centre's Conversations & Channels screen.
Access Conversations & Channels via Community Centre

When creating a message group, it’s important to know and understand the different options you have available to you. Here's a quick introduction to the various settings.

An image depicting the Conversations & Channels Settings section.
Toggle each message group's Settings

Step 1: Set your group Name, Description and Image