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Say Hello to Community Centre

Use Community Centre to view real-time engagement, administer your app membership & configure your messaging settings.

From day-to-day operations such as membership application and member suspension to managing a conversation or channel within your Fabrik-powered app, Community Centre has been designed to be the new go-to tool for community management!

Here are a few ways you can start to use our newest addition to the Fabrik suite of applications:

Administer your app membership

On your Community Centre dashboard, you now have the ability to view profile information about each registered member of your community, approve or reject their application, or assign trusted privileges to members.

Configure your Messaging settings

You’ll also be able to configure the settings of the Messaging functionality within your app by adding new conversations or channels, editing or removing existing ones, or managing particular members within each group.

View engagement metrics in real time

Via Community Centre, you will be able to access your Fabrik Metrics dashboard (which is currently in Preview) – a real-time, data-driven system that empowers your stakeholders with the ability to observe and understand your audience’s engagement, instantly visualise your data and immerse into audience’s behaviour in real time.


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