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How to integrate your App into your Engagement Strategy

As you become more comfortable with incorporating Fabrik into your daily workflows, you may have realised the importance of strategic planning around how you're engaging your audience using your app.

Your app audience is more often than not your most engaged, most loyal audience and therefore may require an approach to engagement that's different to your other channels!

Your app is also packed with unique features and functionality you can leverage to create a memorable experience for your app community and value for your advertisers.

As such, we recommend implementing a two-pronged approach to your app engagement that keeps your app top-of-mind, by incorporating events, campaigns or special programming as well as ongoing inclusion in daily programming.

Implementing a successful app engagement strategy requires collaboration across all teams within your organisation, so here are some steps on how to ensure you are doing so in the most effective way.

step 1: consider your overall audience engagement objectives

When creating your app engagement strategy, it'