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Radio now has Data!

Get real-time insights on your audience engagement with Fabrik's Metrics application!

One of the most valuable features of the Fabrik suite of services is the real-time data that is revealed about the way audiences engage, as well as insights into interesting trends and patterns over time.

But why is having access to this data so important, how have we built the Fabrik platform with privacy in mind and how is surfacing this information useful for our customers and your advertisers?

We answer these questions and more as our Fabrik team guides you through a virtual tour of one of the platform’s most exciting new applications - Metrics.

Record your audio content in real time with Fabrik

Record and publish your audio content in real time with Echocast!

For many of our Fabrik operators, the real-time audio recording and podcasting capabilities found within the Echocast application have become an invaluable contribution to your daily workflows.

From capturing live audio and immediately publishing as a podcast, to downloading archived audio from any time in the past, Echocast offers a wealth of features you can use to create, publish and categorise your audio content - all in one place.

Join the Fabrik Product team for a live demo of Echocast’s one-of-a-kind real-time audio capturing capabilities and see for yourself why, 10 years later, Echocast is still revolutionising Radio!

Radio... Your questions answered & more!

As a follow-up from our previous panel discussion, we get together again to address your burning questions around the South African Radio industry, post lockdown.

We received great questions for our panel of thought leaders, and are looking forward to discuss any additional interesting comments, observations or concerns you'd like to share with us.

Radio: is anyone listening?

Since the start of the COVID crisis, radio has competed with just about any household appliance for attention from its audience.

​​​​​​​So who is listening?
What are they listening to?
How are they engaging?
And what does the future hold?​​​​​​​

We chat with Thought Leaders in the radio industry about this and more.

How should you think about radio today?

Everything New is Old
We often don't look up to see the changes swirling around us. The global pandemic has been a catalyst for urgent change and crystallisation of existing change.

What used to be global is regional, and local is hyper-local.
Where does it leave radio's opportunities today?

With insights into digital radio in South Africa and a glimpse into a platform that can grow your radio community and bring it to revenue.

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Digital Transformation

As a key decision-maker in a growing business, the broad and often overwhelming requirements of preparing your organisation for success in a technologically-empowered marketplace can be complex to navigate.
You may need to motivate for a digital transformation strategy/need to your executives, create context for a change motion amongst your staff, or start exposing your own I.T. or technical teams to cloud skills.
Our regular Mindshift events are designed around sharing insight around the constantly-connected consumer of today, contextualised within the technological shifts that have brought us here, and how to get started taking advantage of digital workflows that empower your business and customers.
Keep in touch to attend an upcoming monthly Mindshift event and explore the future possibilities of your business.

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