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The value of voice

Radio has always been dependent on the studio phone lines to maintain a thin connection and narrow aperture to the outside world.

To the extent that there was a return path, this was it.

Things are better these days with social media allowing for an alternative and richer aperture but nothing beats the warmth and basic human connection of someone’s voice.

Voice has always been radio’s resonance. It creates connection and belonging. It makes radio your companion. You aren’t just part of some anonymous beast — you are a part of the community.

When the voice goes, some of radio’s magic goes.

Our Fabrik media platform allows modern radio to completely transform their intimacy with their audience in the realtime and one of the major uses is to land Voice Notes and media into the studio at scale.

Last night we had a brief outage on one of our Cloud Services and for the modern media platforms using our Fabrik platform; it was the equivalent of the phone lines going down.

Except worse.