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Radio Days Africa 2019: Presentations by Anice Hassim, Phil Molefe & the SBC

We addressed delegates and shared the impact of Fabrik at Radio Days Africa 2019 in Johannesburg from 3 to 5 July 2019, whilst our team demonstrated how technology can elevate radio at our stand.

Our Sessions

Back to the Future: Anice Hassim

The rise of digital has been a quest to be of service to humans through authentic, trusted and intimate engagement, all while maintaining a human and community driven value system. Radio has been on the journey all along. Digital platforms can amplify radio’s core assets as radio learns new tools, but not new values. Anice Hassim (Lead Strategist) tells us how radio’s digital promise is rooted in its human past. Listen to the podcast.

Public Broadcasting Reform: Phil Molefe, Bérard Duprès (SBC)

Public broadcasting is seen as crucial to democracy but has come under increasing strain recently. At the same time, African public broadcasters in many cases struggle to move out of the shadow of the state. Join Franz Krüger (Director Wits Radio Academy and Head of Journalism), Nada Wotshela (SABC Radio GE), Bérard Duprès (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation CEO) and Phil Molefe (Southern African Broadcasting Association) as they discuss the current state of public broadcasting in Africa and if there is any sign of reforming these services. Listen to the podcast.

Connecting the Islands, and the World, Digitally: Bérard Duprès (SBC)

Radio remains a powerful and instant way to communicate news, share knowledge and engage with audiences. Remaining a champion of the people is key in small communities. Bérard Duprès (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation CEO) tells us more about the SBC and how they have embraced the digital era by modernising their radio broadcast technology whilst remaining engaged with their communities, both locally and internationally. Listen to the podcast.


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