Bring your digital strategy to life with an App-driven campaign

Execute a high-impact, integrated campaign that works across your digital platforms to support your audience growth and engagement objectives.

Fabrik's suite of applications can enhance your traditional audience engagement campaign by adding a powerful real-time element, along with sophisticated campaign insights and metrics you can leverage in-flight to increase your outcomes.

To help you get more comfortable with executing app-based campaigns, we'd like to share some guidelines on how you can get started.

Let's imagine an example of a campaign that can more clearly illustrate these steps. How about something like 'Create your own Christmas Jingle?'

For this kind of campaign, we'll be asking our app members to send us a voice-note of themselves singing their most festive Christmas tune. The winner at the end would be the person who'd sent through the best one!

Step 1: Plan your campaign

The first step in this process is to consider what you'd like to get out of the campaign, and start to plan the activities required to achieve those goals.

Determine your Campaign Objectives:

The objective/s you'd be aiming to achieve with an app-based campaign should ideally support your Business Strategy, such as:

  • growing your digital audience or membership,

  • increasing engagement, or

  • obtaining more meaningful demographic or psychographic information about your membership.

For each campaign, consider any particular objectives you have around audience growth or engagement, and whether there are specific audience insights you'd like to gain or habits you'd like your audience to form.

These could be objectives such as:

  • Educate your audience on how to use key functionality of the app i.e. sending voice-notes or images.

  • Increase the size of your app audience through new downloads.

  • Increase the size of your addressable audience through new registrations.

  • Enhance audience insights through the addition of new profile fields or through surveys and polls.

  • Create a compelling case study you can take to future advertisers or sponsors.

In our Christmas Jingle campaign example, we want to increase the size of our audience and engagement through new app downloads and registrations, as well as introduce our audience to the concept of sending voice-notes.

Create your Campaign Mechanic:

Consider how you'd like to invite your audience to enter the campaign in a manner that aligns with your objectives. Ensure that the mechanic is easy enough to follow so it does not deter your audience from entering.

For example, in our Christmas Jingle campaign, we would want to encourage our members to

  1. Download the Fabrik app.

  2. Register your profile.

  3. And send us your most festive Christmas Jingle via the Contact Us conversation!

You'd also want to make sure your mechanic is very clear when it's being mentioned within social media promotions or during your on-air broadcast.