Use billboards to engage your advertisers & your audience

We know that starting anything new can be hard, and that as your organisation embarks on your journey of digital transformation, your advertisers need to come along too.

One of the most simple, yet powerful ways you can start to build familiarity and trust with your advertisers, generate revenue and connect with your audience is by using app billboards.

What is an app billboard?

An app billboard is a promotional image that appears for a few seconds after your app is launched.

Billboards are a popular choice for advertisers, and can also be used communicate special campaigns or any other newsworthy information you'd like to share with your audience.

An image depicting an in-app billboard.
An example of an in-app billboard.

Within your app, you have the option to display more than one billboard at the same time. These can represent separate advertisers/campaigns or a single campaign with a number of different billboards.

If you are flighting a number of billboards at the same time, you can choose whether you'd like them to appear in a particular order, or randomly.

You also have the option to add a call-to-action to your billboard which could consist of either a clickable link allowing app members to navigate to a website or a clickable button allowing them to dial through to a predetermined phone number.

An image depicting billboard calls-to-action.
Calls-to-action that can be added to a billboard.

The billboard/s will display once every 10 minutes so if you're coming in and out of the app frequently, the maximum amount of times the billboard/s will be shown is once every 10 minutes.

And once you're in the app, there's no need to quit and reopen in order to view the billboards again. Simply tap the star in the top right of your app.

Benefits of using app billboards