"A lot of people (in tech) say you need these digital products, and this is how you need to use them. But they don’t know us and our audience. Our business is our audience and we know them. The approach of the Fabrik team was very refreshing. They didn’t try and mediate between us and our audience."

Vukile Zondi - Managing Director

Gagasi FM

"Not only does the platform ensure a direct & immediate connection with our audience, it will allow us to preserve our radio programmes into a cloud archive that can be available over time to all citizens of the Seychelles as part of our audio cultural heritage."

Bérard Duprès - Chief Executive Officer

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation

"...you guys have put us way ahead in a race our competitors didn’t even know was being run in the first place!"

Tamie Mbombo - Head of Marketing & PR

Izwi LoMzansi

"You’ve brought people onboard that understand radio – and that’s key! What I also enjoy is the real-time feedback - if there's an issue, I go on the app and boom there's a response - so I like that you guys respond very quickly if there are technical issues etc - that's fantastic, and very rare! So kudos to you guys on that!"

Lyndon Johnstone - Head of Operations

LM Radio

"I think the entire Echocast product because of its speed, the turnaround times, the fact that you can instantly capture stuff, and the integration across all the products is definitely a very big strength."

Hilton Tarrant - Head of Digital


"They back up a good product with great support and it allows us to be nimble, especially in these tough times..."

Vukile Zondi - Managing Director

Gagasi FM


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