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Fabrik is a product of the immedia ecosystem.
25 years ago, immedia was founded on a guiding principle that the future is converged, ​is both art AND science, human and tool, because digital iteration would elevate ​to the real-time, eliminate lag and infuse personality into human affairs.​
Consequentially there would arise an increasingly shared context, ​
a shared conversation, and a shared choreography - all in the real-time.​
In the early 2000s, immedia deployed this thinking to their media clients and ​transformed their audience experience with a digital makeover exploiting ​mobile, online and radio, supported by custom tools and platforms.​
Anticipating and surfing the wave of technology disruption + the opportunities it creates ​and deploying our thinking to ourselves, today immedia is a globally modern, but proudly African team, able to offer clients a rare blend of Cloud services and IP ​grounded in a human approach to digital journeys that transform our clients’ circumstances.​


Our team

We have worked at the intersection of media & technology for over two decades, with Fabrik being the result of our experience and the impact that we would like to deliver to our media clients.

Our team are comprised of media veterans experienced in all facets of building a modern media business - content, engagement, revenue and stakeholder management - and technology experts with skills in cloud services, application development and user experience. 

Phil Molefe

Business Development & Strategy

Tanya Wakeling

Business Development

Anice Hassim

Product Lead

Bevan Andriés

Platform Adoption

Speak to us about

Digital Transformation

As a key decision-maker in a growing business, the broad and often overwhelming requirements of preparing your organisation for success in a technologically-empowered marketplace can be complex to navigate.
You may need to motivate for a digital transformation strategy/need to your executives, create context for a change motion amongst your staff, or start exposing your own I.T. or technical teams to cloud skills.
Our regular Mindshift events are designed around sharing insight around the constantly-connected consumer of today, contextualised within the technological shifts that have brought us here, and how to get started taking advantage of digital workflows that empower your business and customers.
Keep in touch to attend an upcoming monthly Mindshift event and explore the future possibilities of your business.
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