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Optimising the future of Fabrik's apps

Modernising our native Android and iOS codebases by migrating to Kotlin and Swift.

As developers contributing to and maintaining the Android and iOS mobile apps that make up immedia’s Fabrik platform, there are a number of things we expect to happen during the lifespan of the mobile apps we deliver. Bugs will arise, new features will need to be ideated, and both Apple and Google will release major updates to their operating systems - to which our apps will be required to adapt.

At each of these junctures, we’ll need to respond quickly as, of high importance to ourselves and our clients, is the guarantee that as environmental challenges evolve, so do our mobile apps to meet these challenges. At a high level, there are 4 areas of coding support that Fabrik apps receive: 

  1. Corrective, better known as bug fixing. 

  2. Adaptive; adapting to the latest hardware and OS changes.

  3. Perfective; dealing with changes in user requirements.

  4. Preventative; code restructuring & optimisations aimed at reducing complexity and preventing future errors. 

The first three areas are fairly self-explanatory and commonly practiced