James Smith                 

Technical Lead

James is our product lead accountable for
the core architecture and development of Fabrik.
James’ development knowledge spans all major areas,
from online through to Android, iOS, UWP apps, API
development and now Cloud technologies.

Having joined immedia as an intern in 2011, 8 years later James, is now one of the most respected developers in the team and takes a personal interest in mentoring others.

James is instrumental in vetting potential developers (both experienced and graduates) for immedia’s team. He has also contributed to the thinking for immedia’s Summer School work exposure and graduate internship programmes.

 James attendance at Build 2015 was a turning point for this open source advocate (as he wrote in this blog post) and we believe it to be a turning point as well in immedia’s ability to realise our ambition for a product that will create a global impact.

 In his accountability for the core architecture and development of Fabrik, James’ continued attendance at Build allows him to delve deeper into the space whilst interrogating the architecture choices and finding more effective ways to make use of Azure’s services in our product.