Community Centre is now live

Use Community Centre to view real-time engagement, administer your app membership & configure your messaging settings. From day-to-day operations such as membership application and member suspension to managing a conversation or channel within your Fabrik-powered app, Community Centre has been designed to be the new go-to tool for community management!.. >>>

Watch Live & on-demand Video

A Videos tab is now available for your app where your members can log in and view your live-streamed and on-demand video content.

Send and Play GIFs

A member can now send and play GIFs within conversations and channels.

React to a Message

Long-pressing a message within a conversation or channel will now present you with a list of options you can use to react to that message.

Reply to an Image, Video or File

Long-pressing an image, video or file within a message will now present the option to reply to that message.

Improved Billboard Experience

Billboards will now dynamically scale to fit all device sizes. Scrolling between multiple billboards will be smoother. A member can now dismiss a billboard by tapping the X in the top-right of the screen.


Delete a Message

It is now possible to delete your own message within a conversation.

Forward a message

Long-pressing a text message will now present the option to forward that message to another conversation within the app.

Reply to a Text Message

Long-pressing a text message will now present the option to reply to that message.

Multiple Live-Streams

Our Radio clients now have the ability to add an additional live-stream onto their apps, which can be switched on and off dynamically.

Android Push Notification Improvements

Push notification previews on your Android device now display all the text within a text messages, as well as a preview of a sent image or video.

iOS Text to Voice Feature

Long-pressing a message on your iPhone now brings up the option to have the message read to you.

Support for Mobile-Friendly Images

Profile images, chat image attachments & billboards have now been converted to a mobile-friendly format that is more respectful of members’ data usage.

Better Handling of Multiple Images being sent from Smashboard

The mobile apps now accommodate multiple images being sent via our Smashboard engagement dashboard.

In-app Updates

App members will now receive an in-app notification when there is a minor or major app update available.

Data Saving Improvements

Videos, images, and files are now being cached on a member’s device which means that they don’t have to load every time a member opens the app, resulting in quicker response times and less of a member’s data used!

Share updates to multiple social accounts

Create a ‘Distribution Group’  to schedule and send updates across either multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Facebook pages simultaneously. Tired of copy/pasting the same message to the many social media pages you administer? Smashboard has always been a great tool to view & respond to incoming messages from your app,.. >>>

Added the ability to edit scheduled messages

Smashboard operators will now have the ability to edit the text and scheduled time of a previously scheduled message.

Saved State for Messages

Members are now able to navigate away from a message of a member who was typing and come back to it later without losing the message.

Menu is easier to navigate

Sidebar menu now has more clearly labelled menu items, making it easier for community administrators to navigate through different sections.

Add a user to multiple chat groups

It is now possible to add an app member to multiple conversations or channels at the same time via your Connect dashboard.

URL Improvements

We’ve added support enabling our apps to handle more different kinds of URLs within conversations & channels.

Conversation + Channel descriptions

It is now possible to add a description in the Information tab of a conversation or channel!

UI Improvements to Conversations & Channels

We’ve continued to improve the look and feel of our new Messaging interface, making it much easier to navigate between Conversations & Channels.

Update to the Alert Button

We’ve updated our alert button with new ‘Cloud Concierge’ branding that can be customised per community.

Improved handling of notifications in Conversations + Channels

It is now more clear which unread messages come from Conversations and which come from Channels.

New Messaging Look & Feel

We’ve given your Messages screen a brand new look and feel, and we’ve made it easier to manage your Conversation & Channel settings and alerts right from the Messages screen itself!

Fabrik Message Web Widget

Our Fabrik clients can now embed a one-way messaging widget on your website to receive messages from your web-based community in real-time!

Echocast gets an update

We’ve updated Echocast’s colours and branding to be more consistent with the overall look and feel of our other Fabrik modules.

The new Fabrik Portal goes live

Fabrik administrators can now access each Fabrik module using a new consolidated log-in dashboard.

Smashboard gets an update

We’ve improved Smashboard’s colours and branding to be more consistent with the overall look and feel of our other Fabrik modules.

Longer Podcast Titles

You can now enjoy longer, more descriptive podcast names in the Rewind section of your app.

Add Text to a Voice Note

You can now send text in the same message as your voice note!

New image for Livestream Web Widget

The background image on our livestream widgets got an update, giving visitors to our Radio clients’ websites a more pleasing visual experience.

Podcasts can be shared from the web

Single podcasts are now shareable from the website into another platform.

Improvements to Podcast Web Widget

The podcast widgets on our Radio clients’ websites are now supported on Internet Explorer as well as being theme-able according to the website’s colour scheme.

New Image for Podcast Web Widget

Our podcast web widget gets a new and improved background image, making it more visually appealing on our Radio clients’ websites.

New Live Stream Web Player

An improved live-stream web player is now available, allowing our Radio tenants to offer visitors to their websites an improved live-streaming experience!

‘Like’ a Business on the Service Directory

Community members now have the ability to Like or Dislike a business listed on the Service Directory.

New Podcast Web Widget

An improved podcast web widget is now available for our Radio clients  offering visitors to their websites an enhanced podcasting experience.

UI Improvements to Smashboard

We’ve improved the handling of errors, updated our loading indicators and fixed a number of bugs to provide a better user experience for our Smashboard administrators.

Approve Members of your Community

Approve or reject community members who register on your app via the new Member Application interface on your Connect dashboard.

Share into your iOS Apps

Members connecting via an iPhone or iPod can now share files and images into Chat Group messages.

Attach Different File Types

In addition to audio, video and text; our Fabrik apps now support the following types of files: PDF’s, Excel, Word & Powerpoint documents, GIF’s, audio files & .zip files.

Membership Application

Allow access of certain content on your app only to verified members of your community.

Structured Profile Fields

You can create customised data fields on your members’ Profiles via your Connect dashboard.

Dates in Profile Fields

Add date-fields to your members’ Profiles via your Connect dashboard.

Larger Pre-Roll Advert Uploads

It is now possible to load pre-roll adverts of up to 20MB in size on your Advertising CMS.

Dropdown Profile Fields Support

You can now add fields that allow your members to select from multiple options (i.e. dropdown fields).

Echocast Improvements

You can now delete podcast presets, and the text reading ‘Start Recording’ is clickable.

Podcast Web Widgets

We’ve updated the look and feel of your website’s podcast page, offering a more visually pleasing podcast experience for your web visitors.

Smaller Downloads for Android

Our Android apps have been reduced to a smaller download, reducing data costs and making it easier for your audience to store the app on their Android devices.

Alert Button is ready for Beta Testing

Your community can now enable an action or ‘alert’ button that can be used for security purposes or advertising campaigns.

Service Directory is ready for Beta Testing

Your community can now enable a directory of businesses in your area!

Our Advertising CMS is Live!

You can now schedule and track podcast & livestream pre-roll advertising campaigns through an online Content Management System.

Dropdown field added to profile

Profile fields now come with a dropdown option, for your members to select options that are pre-defined by you.

Enhancements to your Android app

The Android app gets a new modern look and feel. The messages button no longer floats, but can now be accessed via the same menu as as all your other screens.

Individual podcast webplayer

You can now embed individual podcasts on your website, or anywhere else you’d like!

URL Caching on Device

URL previews are now being cached, allowing for your app member to save on data and enjoy an improved user experience when browsing through their chat group history.

Advertising improvements

Your advertisers can be connected to multiple campaigns, and can be managed more effectively.

Themes for podcasts & live player

You can now choose between a light or a dark theme for your web-embedded live stream & podcast players.

Audio ads are available

We are ready for your advertisers’ pre-roll advertisements! These will play on your app and your web-embedded widgets. We can run pre-roll ads on both your live-stream and your podcasts.

Pause or Scrub Podcast

Your listeners can now scrub through a podcast to get to a specific location within a podcast, or pause the podcast to resume listening later.

Search & use your uploaded audio

Uploaded audio is now listed and can be re-used.

Panoramic screenshots

You can now choose between normal screenshots & panoramic templates for your app store listing.

Bug: Smashboard messages with URLs

Fixed a bug where messages containing URLs that were sent from Smashboard were not being received by the app.

Improvements to website stats

A few improvements to the way we track listens to podcasts and live-stream plays on the website.

Enhancements – March 2019

Aesthetic and usability improvements to your Connect dashboard. Major changes to view of stats, and inclusion of Power BI reports. Improvements to Member Management.

Live stream web player upgrade

Your web-embedded live stream player gets a face-lift.

Podcast widget

You can now embed your list of podcasts from Echocast onto your website!

64kbps livestream

We’ve improved our streaming options and we can now offer a more efficient 64kbps livestream. Your listener will experience nearly the same audio quality but spend half the data!

Smashboard – February 2019

Included timestamp on all messages sent and received on Smashboard.


Smashboard – December 2018

A fix has been shipped so that Starred messages load without error messages.

Version 1.2 released!

• Pagination added to the feed endpoints. • Published recording confirmed, processed, and deleted events. • Limit the number of items returned in the feed to 50.

Smashboard – November 2018

We’ve developed and improved features that make it easier for operators to send, filter and receive messages from Smashboard.

Echocast – November 2018

Refactor string names into constants when publishing events.

Smashboard – September 2018

We’ve developed and improved features that make it easier for operators to receive, search for and respond to messages, and some there’s some awesome improvements to the Campaigns functionality.

API v1.3

Amongst other improvements and bug-fixes, adverts now can display locations.

Smashboard – July 2018

We’ve made it easier for operators to send an attachment via multiple message providers, as well as a few styling improvements to the Provider variables editor.

Smashboard – June 2018

Better handling of receiving chat messages from multiple message providers, ability to order your message providers, and better overall handling of Twitter messages/accounts.

Security improvements

This deploy included security improvements.

Automate Billboard advertising

You can now set billboard start and end times, for them to automatically commence and expire.

Smashboard – May 2018

If your app member has uploaded a photo to their profile, you’ll now see their image accompanying their messages – and some other enhancements!

Smashboard – April 2018

We fixed a pesky bug that caused Smashboard to crash when composing a tweet with an @mention. Oops!

Read-only chat groups

You can now create chat groups that members can join, but to which only “Trusted Users” can post messages.

Trusted users

Introducing Trusted Users! You can designate any registered app member as a Trusted User for a particular group. Particularly useful for read-only chat groups.

Smashboard – March 2018

You can now send your CSV of messages to email, in addition to direct download. And you can add temporary message providers to your Smashboard view.

Export to CSV

Export all messages to CSV without having to search.

Connect – February 2018

You can now configure your operator roles and abilities.

Echocast – February 2018

A couple of fixes to the manual upload processing and the process of deleting recordings.

Smashboard – January 2018

Performance improvements on message loading, handling of user permissions for sending messages, and other bug fixes.

Echocast – January 2018

Improvements to podcast recording, as well as reliability improvements to live audio streaming and audio archiving. Find out more on the blog.

Echocast – January 2018

All-round improvements to audio handling, upgrading of processes, better notification handling.


Smashboard – December 2017

Messages are grouped by sender + associated replies, and you can now send attachments to your app audience. The velocity graph refreshes more rapidly.

Member management improvements

Manage members per chat group, sort your members, or search for a member.

Smashboard – November 2017

Different page url formats from Facebook are supported.

Smashboard – Oct 2017

Attachments from your app audience are now supported, as well as videos sent from Facebook. Line-breaks now appear within received messages. Other Facebook-related bugs have been fixed.

Upload larger audio files

The upload of larger MP33 files to Echocast are now accepted.

Join-by-default chat groups

When you set a chat group to “Join by default”, all registered members are added to that group.

Major release

Tons of awesome new functionality available!

New member notification

A message is sent to your Smashboard when someone registers for the first time.

Smashboard – August 2017

Enhancements and bug-fixes.

Suspend or un-suspend members

You can suspend problematic members, and then un-suspend them if you wish.

Smashboard – July 2017

Operators can compose a message from and to Facebook and the mobile App.

Smashboard – June 2017

Functionality supporting the attaching of different file types to tweets being sent via Smashboard was enabled. Find out more on the blog.

Work on Group chats begins

Initial support for group chats was added to the mobile app code-base. 

Audio – May 2017

The URLs associated with podcasts will now point to a dedicated streaming server, making it possible to track playback and bandwidth stats for podcasts. 

Our first neighbourhood

The release of Fabrik’s first Residential Communities-based mobile app!

Smashboard – May 2017

Smashboard can now receive messages from people with cellphone numbers longer than 10 digits. Functionality supporting Twitter social actions such as like/unlike, retweet/unretweet icons was added. Find out more on the blog.

Smashboard – April 2017

Further enhancements and bug-fixes after Smashboard v2.0 release. Functionality allowing Twitter message attachments to be displayed was added. Bugs relating to the way Smashboard operators experienced functionality relating to the Campaigns feature were addressed this month. Find out more on the blog.

App Member Onboarding

An onboarding process is now available to guide your members through setting up their profile and becoming acquainted with the app’s features.

First app for a Festival

Our first festival client goes live!

Echocast – March 2017

A bug preventing audio files from being manually uploaded to Echocast has been resolved.

Smashboard – March 2017

Major user experience improvements! Find out more on the blog.

Audio – February 2017

Podcasts now make use of HLS URLs for quicker playback and better data usage.

Compose from Smashboard

Operators can now Compose new messages.

Smashboard v2.0

Major design improvements are released for Smashboard.


Connect v1.0

Connect is officially live!

Smashboard – July 2016

Smashboard can now receive messages from the brand mobile app, and operators can send messages to your audience. 

Upload an mp3

You can now manually upload an audio file (or pre-recorded podcast) to Echocast!

First mobile app for Radio

Our first client mobile app is live!

Echocast v1 release

Echocast v1 has been released!


Echocast begins!

Development work on Echocast has officially commenced!

Smashboard v1 launched

Smashboard v1 has been released! Find out more on the blog.

Smashboard – August 2015

Development work on Smashboard has officially commenced!