Hearing the voice of your listener

One of the things Bérard showed was the radio station’s app. Obviously you can listen to the radio station on it, but you can also send a voice message to the station in high quality audio. The station uses a product called Fabrik, made in South Africa… It’s a simple and straightforward way to get more voices on the air.

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation moves analogue radio onto a digital “Fabrik”, transforming its engagement with its audiences

“Not only does the platform ensure a direct and immediate connection with our audience, it will allow us to preserve our radio programmes into a cloud archive that can be available over time to all citizens of the Seychelles as part of our audio cultural heritage” – Bérard Duprès, CEO of Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.

What’s new for Campaigns

Some new features to the Campaigns functionality in Smashboard. New Features Added option to export messages to CSV Improvements Replaced action buttons with popup menu Winner Selection Reworked winners selection to pull message from elasticsearch Hidden previous winners title when there is no previous winner Bug Fixes Fixed the broken Read more…