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Darren Brockett

Product Owner

As a product owner, Darren is responsible for the delivery of the Fabrik API and customer-facing backend systems, as well as the continuous iteration of these products to achieve a more seamless, intuitive and human-friendly experience.
Having started his career in web development, Darren expanded his focus towards full-stack API development where he worked on custom light-weight UIs, high performance scalable APIs and server/OS optimisations to run as efficiently as possible. He makes use of this experience and the expertise of those around him to maximise the value of the next iteration of the Fabrik products.

Darren enjoys working closely with clients to achieve the vision and goals for their products, and therefore transitioned into the role of product owner to help facilitate that change more easily. Since then, he has worked on large multi-platform projects and more recently joined the Fabrik team to support the team more closely.
He is passionate about Agile and Scrum, and continues to learn in order to deepen his own understanding and help others become more effective. He believes that a team is most effective when everyone works together and plays to each other's strengths, and so he is always looking to bring the best out of those he works with. 

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